Madrid (Madrid)
Descripción: The company is on a mission to protect people in technology processes and is a global leader in Responsible and Fair AI. Over the last decade, it has developed its cutting-edge methodologies & …
Requisitos: – Fluency in Spanish & English
– Demonstrated success in fundraising and grant management, including securing major gifts, grants, and sponsorships. As well as the ability to build and maintain effective relationships with diverse stakeholders.
– Familiarity with the tech sector and its potential for social impact.
– Have a good knowledge of the US and European public administrations, philanthropic organizations and other sources of grants, calls, challenges and tenders, as well as the business and industry landscape
– Excellent writing, communication and networking skills.
– Financial acumen and experience managing budgets.


– Experience working in remote and cloud-based environments.
– Speak and write in other European languages (Catalan, French, German, Dutch, etc.)
– Have a Privacy Concern: you challenge Data Laws, and you are concerned about the importance of Data.
Contrato: Indefinido
Jornada: Completa
Salario: 50000€ Bruto/año

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